1 Juggle Dream UV Pro 6 Panel Star
These 6 panel juggling balls are a 'pro' version of our popular star balls. They are made from strong faux leather and are built to last. The toughness of the material used makes them ideal for outdoor juggling. In addition the UV panels look great under a black light and increase the ball's visibility during the day. We've found that they take around a week to soften - however once this is done they will keep their shape and 'catchability' for years.

Available in a range of eye catching colours.
SKU:     BAL-042
Diameter:     69mm
Brand:     Juggle Dream
Filling:     Sterilised Seed
Style:     Firm Thud
Weight:     120g

Set of 3 Balls UV Pro 6 Panel Star Juggling Balls

SKU: BAL-042
$24.00 नियमित मूल्य
$22.00बिक्री मूल्य
Option 1
Option 2
  • Beatifull Juggling Balls, great for practice and stage. All levels. Juggle Dream UV Pro 6 panel Star

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