A strong, robust performance giraffe unicycle from Qu-Ax, Germany. At 150cm tall, this unicycle is a bit of a daunting challenge.One of the great things about giraffe unicycles is their presence in a performance. Often refereed to by performers as a L.I.M.O ( large, impressive, metallic, object). Also few people know the secret of them being much easier to idle !Exceptional build quality and a very comfortable saddle. Comes with a blue anodised aluminium rim, a single, strong chain, PVC pedals and a grippy 20" black tyre. The lower chain wheel is also fixed via a disc-brake-hub-mount, rather than welded (as on cheaper versions).
We advise wearing some safety gear when riding this unicycle.

Brand Qu-Ax
Clamp Quick Release Clamp
Frame Qu-Ax Giraffe - Solid Steel
Hub System Cotterless Peg
Rim Anodised Aluminium (Blue)
Tyre Black Standard
Player Level Intermediate
Pedals Basic
Hub Setting Chain Drive
Style Giraffe
Saddle QU-AX Luxus saddle

Qu-Ax Giraffe Unicycle

SKU: UNI-018

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