Qu-Ax offer up their 27.5" QX Muni Unicycle - This is replacing their popular 26" QX Muni. The standards in Mountain Bike (and thus Muni models) has shifted to this new wheel size because of several notable benefits. Whilst still lighter than a 29" model and rolls 10% more efficiently over obstacles than a 26" model. It also means more tyre makes contact with the ground giving more traction. It's also noticeably faster!

True Weight: 5.77
Brand: Qu-Ax
Saddle: QU-AX-saddle (KH based, trial-type -well cushioned with handle)
Seat Post: 25.4 mm Gusset-post, alloy
Clamp: QX-series alloy double clamp (black)
Frame: QX-series flatcrown alloy frame with Magura-sockets, glossy black
Hub System: ISIS-hub (48 holes, hollow axle, black spokes)
Hub Setting: ISIS
Crank: light QU-AX ZeroQ cranks - alloy, ti-grey - 145 mm
Rim: DB X double walled alloy rim - yellow (48-holes, extra large)
Tyre: 27,5" x 2.40" Maxxis High Roller II (foldable)
Pedals: QX-series PVC pedals
Player Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Style: Muni
Weight: 8.00kg

Qu-Ax 27.5" QX Muni Unicycle (MUNI=Mountain Unicycle)

SKU: UNI-100
$567.00 नियमित मूल्य
$542.00बिक्री मूल्य

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