Introducing the Pele Fire Hoop Wicks - these quickly attach to any hoop, converting it in to an awe-inspiring fire prop.The Pele attachable fire hoop wicks are made from all stainless steel parts, high performance kevlar wick and only take a few minutes to attach. They attach to just about any type of tubing up to 1.1" O.D. The folded wick design allows for maximum burn time without the added weight of too much wick. This wick design also allows the wick to spin freely around the cable, thus dramatically increasing the lifespan of your wicks! (please note that the Universal variation fits up to 7/8" tubing. When used on smaller diameter tubing there will be a slight "tail" that sticks out. Most people either don't mind this or they tape it down).5/8" OD (Fits 5/8" OD tubing and under) Weight:200g

Pele Fire Hoop Wicks


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