Standard 1.5 m single chain giraffe with Justek deluxe saddle, quick release seat clamp and two piece non slip pedals. This unicycle looks very impressive and is guaranteed talking point for your customers. 

1.5 m is ground to saddle when the seat is at 50% of full extension range. At full saddle extension the total height is 1.65 m with 0.96 m distance from saddle to pedals at their lowest point of rotation.

SKU:UNI-007Brand:IndySaddle:Justek Padded - with Bumper & HandleSeat Post:22.2mmClamp:Quick ReleaseFrame:Chorme Plated Indy FrameHub System:Cotterless - Square HubsTyre:Indy 20" Black TyrePedals:Indy Trainer PedalsPlayer Level:AdvancedStyle:GiraffeWeight:30.00kg

Indy 1.5m Giraffe Unicycle


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