The 'Grip' Pirouette is a development of the well established Pirouette Training club and has quickly gained a reputation amongst club jugglers as a reliable, high performance numbers club. Keeping the same shape and balance, the team at Henry's introduced a 'grooved' body which has a few key advantages. It's softer than most other club bodies, making it ideal for combat games. That said, it's a hard wearing material and extremely comfortable to catch - the grooves provide more texture and grip for half-turn catches. Couple this with the fantastic air cushioned handle and EVA knob/head system and you have a club geared towards demanding club jugglers.

SKU: CLU-028
Handle: Wrapped
Deco: None - Gripped Body
Player Level: Everyone
Length: 20.47" inch
Brand: Henrys
Style: Composite Pirouette
Weight: 218g

Henry's 'Grip' Pirouette Training Club single Club


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