The Gora Practice Staff is a fantastic prop in it's own right and not just for spinners gearing up for fire twirling. This is a smooth, well balanced staff that's perfect for training or performing without fire. 
The staff's core material is the same 7075 aluminium alloy found in the Gore Fire Contact Staff. This makes it exceptionally durable and very hard to bend yet still light at the same time. To give additional momentum for contact tricks there are lathed steel rods attached to either end. One of the nicest features though is the extruded EPDM rubber handle that covers most of the inner section. This is very grippy and sticky and ideal for contact staff. Gora also also included 2 of his signature inverted 'flowers' to help slow the staff. They also work as good visual markers and fan out nicely when spun correctly. 


SKU: STA-020
Brand: Gora
True Weight: 2.25
Travel Length: NA
Wick Size: NA
Style: Contact Practice Staff
Player Level: Any
Weight: 3.00kg

Gora Practice Staff 1.53m


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