The finest fire sword for special tricks.

This is the advanced version of the Fire Sword.
It is created for throwing and sword on sword technic. (devil stick moves)
The body is 7075 duralumin 15X1 tube. 
It has less vibration, less weight and thicker than fiberglass rod. 
There is also a silicone shield to protect your hand from the flames.
The handle is ergonomic and covered with soft spongy grip.
The knob is made by Henry's.

With the optional connection you can connect two swords together and use it like Darth Maul.
The quick connection is trustable and solid, but the connection gives different weight on other side.

The weight of the Flying sword is 324g. The connection is 105g.

May the force be with you!

-Do not keep the swords downwards continuously 
-Keep away the paraffin from the silicone disc and the grip.

Gora Flying Fire Sword


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