Gora Fire Juggling Staff - 0.9m / 50mm Wicks

Gora presents his Fire Juggling Staff designed in collaboration with AllStaff performers. This staff is designed for throws and spinning as part of double staff routines. Made from 7075 aluminium alloy this staff is super string yet very light, perfect for high throws. The staff has also been wrapped in heat-proof silicone which makes it considerably safer than other twirling staffs on the market. However fire spinning is extremely dangerous and should only be practised by adults. Price is for ONE staff - this staff will normally be used in sets of two and three. This staff uses quality 50mm Kevlar®

SKU: STA-022
Brand: Gora
True Weight: 0.29
Travel Length: NA
Wick Size: 50mm
Style: Double Staff Twirling
Player Level: Advanced/Adult
Weight: 1.80kg

Gora Fire Juggling Staff - 0.9m / 50mm Wicks


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