The best and most handy version of collapsible Dragon Staff.


The fruit of 2 years development is the latest version of the Dragon Staff, which is originally my invention since 2002.
This is the finest solution which offers a reliable, solid design like all Gora products and the most user friendly handling.
The Cuff you can connect to any staff 25mm diameter or less. If the staff is less than 25mm you need to use some sort of
tape to reach the exact diameter, aluminium tape is suitable and recommended for that. You can use also some strong tape under the cuffs to protect the surface of the silicone from scratching. 

Do not fastened the fixing screws too tight, it is enough if the cross dont turn by the force of the rolling. If you fix them too tight they damage the silicone or even bend the screws of the falling of the staff.

I recommend using the cuffs with a Gora Contact Staff (solid or portable) between 150-180 cm long depending on the individual height and style.

The sticks are made of 7075 space tech aluminium alloy, which allows 8mm diameter for the cross without sacrificing stability or impact resistance. 
The connection of the sticks to the cuff is a quick link solution, which makes assembly and disassembly easy. It is made by threaded ball spring plungers.
For practice sessions you can apply the sticks per hand, but for fire spinning we recommend tightening them with a screwdriver to avoid losing them at high rotation speeds. 

If the surface of the sticks is damaged it may wedge into the cuff, connecting them permanently, so take care of them, do not damage the connective areas of the prop.
The price is for a pair, including 8 spokes.

It is the most user friendly Dragon Staff ever made.

Gora Fire Dragon Adapter Cuff


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