The Soring Bearing has a beautiful opaque marble finish. "Soaring hard type", with "Sun Byrin Axel"! With the sun by-a-ring axle, one ball bearing is built into each side of the one-way clutch bearing, making it possible to keep the rotation surprisingly long by reducing the friction to the limit. It is designed to be wider by 5 mm than the conventional rotating bearing accelerator, so compatibility with grinding tricks making full use of rotating durability is outstanding. Although it costs a little more than other Diabolos, beginners can learn Diabolo more easily. Please try this Diabolo which we can recommend to any level from inexperienced to advanced level. Diameter : 125 mm Height : 148 mm Weight (Normal Saint-Billin Axel) : Approximately 295 g Weight (Hybrid Saint-Billin Axel) : Approximately 275 g

Sundia Diabolo Soaring Bearing Hard Type with Sun Byrin Axel


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