It is a tricky cross stick for devilstick fanatics.

It's hard to learn to control it, but while it goes it looks crazy, the play goes in 3D.

It consists of two 70 cm long sticks which is connected in the middle by a special aluminim connection. Its weight is 444g.
You can attach and release by the help of two screws, so it is easy to transport. There is a cone
at the middle part so it works as a spinning top, like the Magnetic Pendelum.

The sticks are full covered with heatproof silicone tube.

I recommend this unique tool only for experts.

- Do not use white spirit or benzene because the nascent heat is too high for the 
- Do not use alcohol based liquid because it can damage the silicone.
- Do not keep the burning heads downwards because the flame will damage the silicone.
- The silicone becomes slippery in a cold or wet environment.
- Use leather bracers to protect yourself.

Chaos Stick by Gora Fire

$90.00 नियमित मूल्य
$86.00बिक्री मूल्य

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